The following are a series of videos I created in 2013 for the Atlantic Research & Learning Center (ARLC), which is part of a nationwide network of Research Learning Centers operated by the National Park Service. Located at Cape Cod National Seashore, the ARLC supports natural resource monitoring efforts and provides educational support for a variety of stakeholders including students, educators, and the public.  

Shorebirds at the Seashore

Cape Cod’s array of habitats and geographic position make the national seashore a prime staging (resting and feeding) area for many migratory birds during the spring and fall months.

Citizen Science Phenology Monitoring

Volunteers work on a citizen science project with natural resource scientists at Cape Cod National Seashore to track seasonal changes in biological data.

Amphibian Monitoring

Follow Cape Cod National Seashore science interns as they embark on an evening study of frog calls.

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